What's in it for us?

Process Controller
  • Stakeholders – Public/Firefighters/Junior Senior Officers/CFO’s/RCC operational Staff/NDFEM/Local Authorities CEO’s/ Other Agencies/ECAS etc.
  • Common national platforms providing mobilisation of Fire Service resources in an efficient and effective manner,
  • Common national, inter-operational, Command and Control Systems
  • Common best practise operational process
  • Common Key Performance Indicators governed by common quality management platform ensuring continuous development of the operational processes and procedures to provide the most efficient and effective systems possible.
  • Migration to National best practise in terms of standards of staffing, governance and structure.
  • Development and implementation of national technology platforms for the effective and efficient mobilisation of Fire Service resources and the facilitation of access to management information and Fire Service data
  • Development of communications technologies to facilitate effective communications between Fire Service resources and Regional Communications Systems.
  • Development of common national training process and procedures to an accredited standard.
  • Development of common national funding model ensuring that the operational cost of the system provision is distributed equitably across all its constituent Fire Authorities.

Performance and Quality Management


In terms of the achievement and development of high standards of performance in the RCC environment we have determined that a defined process for performance management is a requirement and that its core is the tenant of “Continuous Improvement”. This principle of “Continuous Improvement” is an essential element of the implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard.

Currently all 3 regions are successfully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 after WRCC recently achievement the quality management standard.

Performance in terms of quality, accuracy and the exceeding of customer requirements are the overall aims of Quality Management and will ensure the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the National Communications System.

To date the current status of performance in each RCC has been established and this will progress forward into a process of consultation in order to determine a National Standard of Performance.