A key objective of the Ctrí project has been the development of a single national system, based on a central technical platform, operated, governed and funded on a national basis.  The projects intention is to have a system that Is nationally funded in a fair and equitable manner to all Fire Authorities and provides the same level of, quality managed, service to each of its constituent members in a consistent and effective manner.  The Ctrí project is now moving to a phase of significant technical development where the ultimate goal is the implementation of a single national technical and operational platform for Irish Fire services. Commencement of migration of operational and technical systems, and their associated governance models, towards this platform is now appropriate.  The project is now in a critical phase and is positioning itself for significant technical and operational development in the immediate future which involves significant expenditure in terms of both the Capital costs and the operating costs to be borne by Fire Authorities.  The existing local and regional management and governance structures were not designed to manage this migration to national standards and technical platforms.  As such, it is now necessary and appropriate to adapt the existing structure towards an appropriate National models to enable the service to move forward.  The main purpose of this migration is to ensure that each of the Regional Centres is moving forward at the necessary pace to align their technical, operational and financial processes to take full advantage of the Ctrí implementation.