Ctri Latest Development's Meeting

As we move into summer, progress on Ctrí, has been significant. In addition to our Tetra rollout which commenced at the end of May, we are also making good progress in the specification and design of our command and control system, for which contracts will be signed soon. It would be fair to say that the project is now evolving from the project planning stage, into the implementation stage. It is at this point that I would wish to pause and thank everyone for the outstanding work that has been done so far, to get the project to this stage. It is only with the help of staff on the ground that the project will be successfully implemented. Firefighters, control staff and officers from around the country will need to drive forward and facilitate the implementation, if we are to achieve our ambitions of a nationally consistent system, which is delivered locally. The work that has been done thus far, has given me a high degree of confidence that this partnership is delivering successfully and with continued hard work and cooperation on both sides, will continue to deliver this vital project, both on time and on target.

Brian Sweeney, Chairman, Ctrí Project Board