Safire Project

Fire Authorities carry out Statutory Fire Safety activities under the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003. These fire safety activities include notification of licensing applications, inspections, dealing with complaints and enforcement. A System for the Administration of Fire (Safire) is proposed as a central portal for the fire safety activities of a Fire Authority under the Fire Services Acts. The NDFEM through the Ctrí project, with the support of Wexford Country Council, intend to develop a pilot phase of Safire on the Building Control Management System (BCMS) I.T. Infrastructure.

This project will include the development of the Premises Risk Indexing Method (PRIMe). PRIMe is a performance based risk management system which can ensure that limited fire service resources are targeted appropriately and in the right areas, and with demonstrable effect.

The PRIMe system allows premises to be given a risk index score relative to other premises, establishes boundaries of risk (risk bands) and will enable Fire Authorities to base appropriate actions on a defined method of determining relative risk. It is therefore a tool to aid the decision-making process of a Fire Authority when assessing the level of fire risk presented by premises and when deciding on the appropriate course of action to be taken.